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MiVoucher redeemable with EFTPOS

MiVoucher has integrated its mobile commerce platform with eftpos solutions provider PC-EFTPOS.

This integration means Australian retailers running the PC-EFTPOS Integrated eftpos solution will have immediate access to the MiVoucher platform that was launched in Australia in September 2011.

MiVoucher is a patented solution that delivers mobile coupons, gift cards, payments and mobile-based loyalty program applications for retailers, marketers and brands. MiVoucher mobile delivered commerce can be redeemed via PIN entry into existing retailer eftpos terminals, without the need for new infrastructure investment.

Nick Saphin, Eagle Eye Solutions Asia Pacific executive chairman, said teaming-up with PC-EFTPOS extends the company’s reach to over 70 per cent of retailers that operate an integrated eftpos environment.

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PC-EFTPOS extends it support hours

PC-EFTPOS Help Desk will extend their customer support hours starting Monday 1st February to the following;
Monday – Friday            8.30am to 10.00pm
Saturday – Sunday          10.00am – 3.00pm

This 1st level support will include public holidays with the exception of Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Anzac Day, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

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Myer, 7-Eleven and Costco choose PC-EFTPOS as their integrated solution

In a exciting opening to 2009, the PC-EFTPOS Integrated EFTPOS solution  has been chosen by major retailers Myer, 7-Eleven and US giant Costco. Projects are currently underway to integrate their Point of Sale and all three companies are due to go live in July. Myer, 7-Eleven and Costco join an expansive list of major retailers such as Woolworths, McDonalds, Bunning’s and Franklins, who currently use PC-EFTPOS as their integrated solution.25

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NAB choose PC-EFTPOS as their integrated EFTPOS offering

National Australia Bank (NAB) have chosen PC-EFTPOS as their in-house integrated EFTPOS solution. PC-EFTPOS, a long term partner of NAB, continues to provide their customers with integrated solutions to suit their next generation of terminals.

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Gift Card Solutions

Did you know that PC-EFTPOS provides the solution that drives:

  • Village Cinemas Gift Card program,
  • Greater Union Cinemas Gift Card program,
  • Franklins Supermarkets Loyalty and Gift Card programs,
  • Oroton’s Gift Card and Staff Card programs,
  • ABC Shops Gift Card program,
  • Esprit’s Gift Card program.

Call us to see if we can help with your businesses programs
(02) 9998 9800

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New PC-EFTPOS IP Communications Gateway.

PC-EFTPOS now offers the merchant another option in connecting with their financial institution. Along with Dial-up and Telstra Argent, PC-EFTPOS have now introduced a TCP/IP solution, “PC-EFTPOS IP Communications Gateway”. This high speed, secure internet connection offers a simple and cost effective solution for small, medium and large retailers.

Download the “PC-EFTPOS IP Communications Gateway” brochure or for more information contact us on (02) 9998 9800

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