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PC-EFTPOS April/May 2019 News


‘Australia’s leading provider of integrated EFTPOS solutions’

Welcome to the April and May edition of PC-EFTPOS news.  We are a little late in getting this out so will combine the two months and blame it on overindulging on chocolate over Easter.

In April many people enjoyed the rare opportunity to take 10 days off work for only 3 days of leave.  We hope that whatever you chose to do over this time that you had an enjoyable Easter.  The Easter trading season is one of importance to many of our customers and the National Retail Association was predicting that Australians would spend $3.4 billion nationwide this year.  Food and beverage sales were predicted to be strong as was the travel industry.  Here’s hoping it was a good month for your businesses.

Both the NRL and AFL seasons are well under way and tipping has been a nightmare.  Both competitions are incredibly close and at this stage it’s very hard to predict who the best teams are.

Please enjoy the newsletter and if you would like to feature in a future edition please get in touch.  We love to share information with our readers and support our customers where possible.

PC-EFTPOS Enabled TerminalsPC-EFTPOS has over 540 point of sale systems accredited for integration with our software.  And across Australia and New Zealand we currently have almost 200,000 terminals operating with PC-EFTPOS software.  These terminals are, in most cases, owned by our banking partners and they have been developed to the PC-EFTPOS Terminal Development Specification.  PC-EFTPOS enabled terminals are compatible with any accredited point of sale.

The two major suppliers of terminal hardware to the Australian market are VeriFone and Ingenico.


Ingenico has been in business for over 35 years, sold 30+ million terminals, operates in 170 countries and has over 8,000 employees across 88 sites and 25 R&D centres globally.  Ingenico is a global leader in the POS terminal market, and it offers a wide array of smart terminals and payment solutions. Ingenico has the world’s largest in-store acceptance network and offers smart point of sales terminals equipped with advanced technologies along with latest security requirements. The smart terminals provided by the company are used across various vertical markets such as hospitality, retail, vending, petroleum, and transportation.

Key products offered: Desktop terminals, Portable terminals, Retail terminals, Integrated point of sales, Mobility for SMB, Unattended terminals, Biometric terminals, and Healthcare / e-ID terminals.


Verifone was formed in 1981 in Hawaii.  William ‘Bill’ Melton created a product that was a kind of verification device using phone lines – a verification phone.  Verifone now operates in over 150 countries and employs nearly 6,000 people and is among the global leaders in offering payment and commerce solutions at point-of-sale. The company is known for designing, manufacturing, marketing, and supplying a broad array of innovative payment solutions and complementary services to its customers. The company also delivers point of sales electronic payment devices designed to suit the client’s requirements in a variety of environments such as traditional multilane and countertop implementations, self-service and unattended environments, mPOS solutions, and fully integrated solutions.

Key products offered: Integrated point of sales, mPOS, Countertops, PIN pads, and Multilane and Mobile.

Our banking partners offer terminals from both companies and below are the current PC-EFTPOS enabled options for each:

  • ANZ – POS Turbo Plus (Ingenico iCT250) and POS Mobile Plus (Ingenico iWL250)
  • Bank of Queensland – Merchant Solutions (Ingenico Move5000)
  • Bendigo Bank – Integrated EFTPOS (Ingenico Move5000)
  • CBA – Essential Plus (Ingenico Move5000)
  • Currency Select – Integrated Payment Solution (Verifone VX820)
  • First Data – Integrated POS (Ingenico Move5000)
  • NAB – EFTPOS Mobile (Ingenico Move5000)
  • Suncorp – Integrated POS (Ingenico iPP350, iCT250 & Move5000 and Verifone VX820)
  • Westpac Group (inc St George & Bank of Melbourne) – EFTPOS1i (Verifone VX690)

A list of supported terminals is also available on our website:

If you would like further information about the PC-EFTPOS enabled terminals available please contact Andrew or David.

PC-EFTPOS Partners

PC-EFTPOS is proud to partner with many companies in the payments industry.  One of these partners, First Data, was keen to tell us about their business and the solutions that they offer in our market.

First Data

First Data and PC-EFTPOS have been working alongside each other for more than 10 years to provide Integrated EFTPOS Solutions to Australian businesses.

First Data is a global leader in commerce-enabling technology and solutions, serving approximately six million business locations and more than 3,700 financial institutions in more than 100 countries around the world.

In Australia, First Data has more than 14 years of experience providing secure, innovative and tailored merchant acquiring payment solutions to small-medium size businesses through to enterprise clients in the retail, hospitality, travel, QSR and professional services industry. First Data offers clients a range of in-store and online payment processing solutions and works with multiple point of sale solutions, including PC EFTPOS, to enable an integration between the point of sale system and EFTPOS terminal for a seamless and improved customer experience.

First Data is an independent non-bank merchant acquirer in its own right and a primary member of Visa, MasterCard, eftpos and UnionPay.  First Data offers our clients easy, secure and reliable payment products while providing additional value.

The First Data Difference

  • Choose who you bank with and settle into any nominated bank account
  • Access to consistent hierarchical reporting that offers you visibility and control
  • Improve international shopping experience by offering dynamic currency conversion, while earning a bonus commission from every transaction that is converted
  • Expand into global markets with a partner that understands acquiring locally, regionally and globally
  • Optimise how your debit transactions are routed through least cost routing, so you can take advantage of immediate economic benefits

Connect with us and you’re connected to the world.


The PC-EFTPOS Help Desk team operate during the following hours:

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You can contact us on 02 9998 9800 or email

Software Releases

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PC-EFTPOS March 2019 News


‘Australia’s leading provider of integrated EFTPOS solutions’

Welcome to the March edition of PC-EFTPOS news. 

This month we were in Brisbane during the early autumn heatwave.  We know Queensland can be warm but 39 degrees was a bit much.  It was great to catch up with new connections and discuss ways that PC-EFTPOS could work with them.  Also good to see some of our existing clients and hear about their new projects.  I have to say that Topgolf Gold Coast looks like a lot of fun.

We hope you enjoy this edition and as always if there is anything that PC-EFTPOS can help you with then please get in touch.

PC-EFTPOS Enables Chinese Wallet Acceptance

China’s two mobile payments giants, Alipay and WeChat Pay are streets ahead of  their Western rivals in terms of technology, user friendliness and number of users.

In many ways Alipay, which has around 700 million active monthly customers in China, and WeChat Pay, with over one billion, point to the future of payments for the rest of the world.  Apple Pay has only 127 million worldwide, even though it is installed into every iPhone.

The payment apps, and QR codes in retailers on which they depend, have become so common in China that young consumers rarely carry a wallet or cash.  Even buskers display AliPay and WeChat Pay QR codes instead of laying a guitar case on the pavement.

Due to the purchasing power of Chinese outbound tourists, the two payment rivals have become widely accepted in popular travel destinations.  Alipay is accepted in 26 countries across Europe, North America, East Asia, and Southeast Asia.  WeChat Pay can handle payments in 12 currencies in 15 countries and regions.

They are also trying to break into new markets including Australia and New Zealand.

Through extensions, that add to the core EFTPOS payment API, PC-EFTPOS is enabling Chinese wallet acceptance at the point of sale.  This month PC-EFTPOS completed certification of our direct link to Alipay.  We have also undertaken development work on our direct link with epay to support their new Alternative Payments category.  Alipay and WeChat Pay are both available via this link when using epay as the acquirer.

If you would like further information about these Chinese Wallet solutions please contact Andrew or David.

What’s new in payments

Australia has passed the peak number of credit cards in circulation, with consumers increasingly moving to Buy Now Pay Later schemes to fund their lifestyles, according to illion’s Credit Card Nation Report which was released earlier this month.

The report says that in just 4 years Australians have opened 1.8 million Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) accounts.  By comparison, there are 14.8 million cards in the 45 year old credit card market.  Under 30’s have 10% of the credit cards but 53% of the BNPL accounts.  Women represent 67% of all BNPL users while men hold 56% of credit cards.  Men also represent 59% of those who are two months or more behind in their credit card account repayments.

illion CEO Simon Bligh said the findings represented a shift in spending power to women and younger Australians.  “Therefore, retailers will need to respond to shifts in how consumers want to purchase and pay off their goods and services over coming years, particularly as younger Australians enter adulthood and constitute a growing and more influential proportion of the spending population.”

In other interesting findings from the report:

  • Adelaide has the lowest credit card ownership per capita in Australia, indicating continued loyalty to cash payments in South Australia
  • In 2018, the average credit card transaction was worth $148, compared to $113 in 2008 as Australia was about to be hit by the Global Financial Crisis
  • 220,000 people have four or more credit cards from four or more financial institutions

PC-EFTPOS works closely with the leading Buy Now Pay Later providers including Zip, Oxipay (humm) and Afterpay to support retailers and offer greater choice to consumers by enabling BNPL at the point of sale.

If you would like more information on how to implement our BNPL partners solutions please contact Andrew or David.


The PC-EFTPOS Help Desk team operate during the following hours:

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Software Releases

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PC-EFTPOS February 2019 News


‘Australia’s leading provider of integrated EFTPOS solutions’

Welcome to the late February edition of PC-EFTPOS news.

Our customers and partners expect that PC-EFTPOS will help them build their payments capability.  This is something that we have been doing for 20 years but now, more than ever, consumer demand means that merchants are looking for technology that supports multiple payment methods.  How they spend their money is now as important to consumers as where they make their purchases.

In 2019 PC-EFTPOS will continue to build on our capabilities, work closer with our partners and innovate to ensure that we remain the leading provider of payment solutions in the markets we service.  We’ll share details in the coming months.


We hope you enjoy this edition.

PC-EFTPOS Supports Buy Now, Pay Later at the POS

According to ASIC, in its first review of the buy now, pay later industry, the number of Australian consumers using these products has increased by 500% in the last 2 financial years.  There are now over 2 million users of these systems in Australia.

In an effort to close the gap between what consumers expect and companies can deliver, PC-EFTPOS has developed extensions that add to the core EFTPOS payment API that is provided to the point of sale (POS) by the PC-EFTPOS EFT-Client.  These extensions allow the POS to perform proprietary buy now, pay later transactions.

PC-EFTPOS have developed extensions for Zip, Afterpay and Oxipay and these are now available to all PC-EFTPOS software users.

We have also developed a Generic API that will allow for multiple alternative payment methods to be added to a POS using a single extension.  Our Generic API currently supports Afterpay, Oxipay and Alipay.  We will add support for all new partners to this API and over time will add support for our existing third party applications.

If you would like to find our more about how we can help you add these services please get in contact with David or Andrew.


The PC-EFTPOS Help Desk team operate during the following hours:

Monday to Friday                8:00am to 10:00pm
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PC-EFTPOS December 2018 News


‘Australia’s leading provider of integrated EFTPOS solutions’

Welcome to the final edition of PC-EFTPOS News for 2018.  Where has the year gone? 

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our customers, partners and friends for your support throughout the year.  We wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and hope that the busy shopping and holiday period is great for your businesses.

This year we have seen strong growth in the ‘buy now, pay later’ space and broad acceptance of Chinese wallet payments in-store.  There is always a lot of exciting things happening in payments and no doubt 2019 will see more of the same.

We know that this is a busy time for everyone so we’ll keep this edition nice and short.  We’ll kick off again early in the new year.


Please note that we will be closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.  Outside of these days our Helpdesk will be available as per the hours below.

The PC-EFTPOS Help Desk team operate during the following hours:

Monday to Friday                8:00am to 10:00pm
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You can contact us on 02 9998 9800 or email

Software Releases

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PC-EFTPOS October 2018 News


‘Australia’s leading provider of integrated EFTPOS solutions’

Welcome to the October edition of PC-EFTPOS news.

This month PC-EFTPOS has been meeting with our banking partners to present our future product roadmap.  For over 20 years PC-EFTPOS have been leaders in the integrated EFTPOS space and it is important that we keep up with what is a rapidly changing landscape.  We look forward to sharing more with you in the coming months.

We also visited the Alibaba E-commerce Expo in Melbourne.  Over 2 days more than 12,000 people attended and it was great to get a better understanding of the Alibaba ecosystem.  There is huge interest in Australian products from Chinese tourists and we look forward to being able to support merchants who want to accept Alipay Wallet payments in-store and integrated with their point of sale.

We hope you enjoy this edition.


PC-EFTPOS this month released a preview of our new Cloud REST API to selected point of sale (POS) companies for feedback prior to a production release.

The POS is the heart of a retail store and many modern POS systems are moving to the cloud.  A cloud-based POS uses open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for integration, making it easier for developers of other software like e-Commerce, ERP or payment solutions to integrate their software with the POS system.PC-EFTPOS Cloud is developed by PC-EFTPOS as a hosted payment integration system, where the POS and PIN pad connect securely to our systems, enabling clients to use our systems without requiring our software to be installed in-house.  The PC-EFTPOS Cloud REST API has been developed to interface to our cloud-hosted EFT Clients in a clean, modern, web standards-compliant way.

The advantages of this system are:

  • The POS terminal does not run any PC-EFTPOS software.
  • The PIN pad does not connect to a machine in the store. It is connected to the store’s network via Ethernet cable or wi-fi and then connects to the PC-EFTPOS data center over an internet connection.
  • The REST interface is easier to implement and maintain than other methods of connecting.
  • The EFT Clients are hosted securely in an environment that is always kept up to date with the latest security patches.
  • With a good redundant internet connection (e.g. fibre with 4G backup), it can be just as stable as a standalone or traditional integrated PIN pad, if not more so.

If you would like further information please contact Andrew or David.

What’s new in payments

PC-EFTPOS recently met with Mangala Martinus to learn more about the Payments Consulting Network.  Mangala and the team of payments industry consultants are very experienced across a wide range of products.  We were particularly interested in the Merchant Pricing Hub website that was launched in May 2018.  This is a great resource for merchants wanting information about their options for accepting payments in-store and online.

Payments Consulting Network (PCN) is a specialist consultancy that offers in-depth strategy, market research, technical advisory and benchmarking expertise across all payments products, channels and platforms.

Founded to support organisations across the payments sector – financial institutions, card schemes, merchants, processors, service providers, associations and fintechs – PCN now has over 25 experienced payments industry consultants across Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, USA, Canada, UK and Germany.

PCN was recently selected as one of Westpac’s 2018 Businesses of Tomorrow.

PCN has had a giving program in place since inception.  Our vision is to create a consulting business with a social conscience that supports not-for-profit organisations that promote conditions of sustainable human development in which people can fulfill their needs and live in dignity.

Merchant Pricing Hub is Australia’s first independent website dedicated to helping merchants find the best in-store or online payments service provider for their business.

Do you want to accept card payments online or in-store, or check whether your current service and pricing is best in market for your requirements? With numerous payments service providers, a myriad of pricing structures and varying levels of features and functionality provided, it is difficult to find all the information you need and even harder making the best decision for your business. Too often business owners just do a Google search or simply stick with their current bank when selecting their payments service provider. Such decisions may mean that you are paying hundreds of dollars more per month than needed. This is where the Merchant Pricing Hub comes in.

The aim is to provide merchants with a range of tools and resources to help them make the right choice when selecting a merchant service provider for in-store (Point of Sale or POS) or online (Ecommerce) payments.

How does it work?  Sign up to an annual membership, go to the Service Provider Profiles page to select the features and functionality that you need to quickly filter the full list of 40+ service providers down to a shortlist that can meet all of your requirements.

With the easy-to-use Pricing Calculator you will then be able to compare the pricing structures of these service providers.

If you already have a payment facility, complete a short online survey to generate a Benchmarking Report to help you better understand how you compare with other  merchants of a similar size or in the same industry.

Also available are:

  • Free newsletter (published quarterly) – information on new products, services, features and pricing offers available in the market, as well as interviews with industry experts.
  • Offers – special deals offered by service providers to Merchant Pricing Hub users.
  • Partners – information about our partners that offer complementary services.
  • Guides – useful “how to” guides.
  • News page – articles on new product releases, market research and interviews with industry experts.

What are the Benefits?
By taking up annual membership to access 40+ service provider profiles, the pricing calculator and benchmarking reports:

  • Save time – detailed research on each service provider is available to you with fee structure analysis – presented in easy to understand and consistent formats, with search and filter tools to help you make easy comparisons.
  • Save money – quickly compare the pricing plans of different service providers and products. You can run the pricing calculator as many times as you want with different assumptions, so you can look at different scenarios (e.g peak months or seasons, start-up phase, growth phase).

Be confident that you have made the right decision for your business.

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PC-EFTPOS September 2018 News


‘Australia’s leading provider of integrated EFTPOS solutions’

Welcome to the September edition of PC-EFTPOS news.

This month we have been in Adelaide and Perth to catch up with our valued customers and partners.

It’s Grand Final weekend in both the AFL and NRL.  At PC-EFTPOS there is probably more interest in the NRL game with Andrew supporting the Roosters and David the Storm.  No matter which team you support, please enjoy this month’s newsletter.

PC-EFTPOS Extended Transaction Set

PC-EFTPOS is all about enabling commerce and eliminating obstacles in the way of a sale.  We have been enabling payments via the card networks for over 20 years and our extended transaction set includes alternative payment methods including gift cards, loyalty, buy now pay later, pay with points and digital wallets.

Our current partners are:

  • Alipay – Accept Alipay digital wallet payments from Chinese consumers instore
  • Afterpay – ‘Buy now, pay later’. Low value virtual credit card facility
  • Zip Pay – ‘Buy now, pay later’. Low value virtual credit card facility
  • Oxipay (Flexigroup) – ‘Buy now, pay later’. Low value virtual credit card facility
  • Qantas – Ability to earn and burn Qantas points in-store
  • Givex Australia – Gift card and loyalty programs
  • Wright Express – Gift card and loyalty programs
  • Vii – Gift card and loyalty programs
  • InComm – Gift card transactions
  • Blackhawk – Gift card mall and iTunes transactions
  • Epay – iTunes and Mobile Phone Recharge cards
  • truRating – Real time customer feedback on their shopping experience at the point of sale
  • Telecheque – Link to First Data for Telecheque transactions
  • The Zoo Republic – Allows a merchant to conduct specific brand promotions in-store, via voucher redemption etc.

For a merchant to implement the ETS solution their POS vendor is building on top of an existing connection to PC-EFTPOS.  That is, they have developed to our EFTPOS specifications and they are now required to build on top of this an ETS transaction or message type.  This is a project for the POS vendor and needs to be factored into roll out timings.

Customers love a simple payment experience and they know what they want to buy and how they want to pay.  PC-EFTPOS, with existing and future partners, will help to facilitate this.

What’s news in payments

Where to for payment terminals

We are often asked where PC-EFTPOS sees the future of the payment terminal.  The chart above from the September 2018 edition of The Nilson Report provides an overview of the number of POS terminals shipped globally in 2017.  According to the report, the total number of shipped devices was 68.8 million, up 25.2% from 2016.  This is good news for us.

At PC-EFTPOS we have seen consistent year on year growth in the number of terminals that are supported by our software with 2017 up over 5% from 2016 to a total of approximately 185,000.

There is evidence to say that terminal numbers will continue to grow.

It is estimated that more than 90% of businesses accept electronic payments and consumers expect the convenience of being able to pay by card.  We are even seeing some businesses, like Cannings Free Range Butchers, move to card only payments.

Visa and MasterCard quote that over 90% of card transactions in Australia are contactless.  And a recent Roy Morgan study based on interviews with 50,000 consumers found that 11.5% had used a mobile wallet in the past 12 months.  Both of these payment methods rely on a payment terminal to process the transaction.

PC-EFTPOS Extended Transaction Set partners including Zip,truRating and Qantas Frequent Flyers also use the payment terminal as the interface with the customer.  The screen and the keys on the terminals can be used for more than traditional card payments.

All of the above indicates that the payment terminal here for many years to come.  The terminal of the future will continue to support card payment as well as the many alternative payment methods that today’s consumer demands.  The question is not how long will payment terminals be around?  The question should be, what else can we use payment terminals to do?


The PC-EFTPOS Help Desk team operate during the following hours:

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PC-EFTPOS August 2018 News


‘Australia’s leading provider of integrated EFTPOS solutions’

Welcome to the August edition of PC-EFTPOS news.

Winter is coming to an end and great to get up to sunny Brisbane and meet with some of our customers and partners this month.  We also visited the Convenience and Impulse Expo in Melbourne and saw the latest in convenience products and services.

We hope you enjoy this edition.

PC-EFTPOS Developer Support

PC-EFTPOS have accredited more than 541 point of sale (POS) systems over the years and many more are currently developing their interface.  A list of accredited POS systems is available on our website but what do you do if the POS you are looking for isn’t on the list?  Or if you are a POS system wanting to integrate where do you start?

The PC-EFTPOS website is the best place to start.  Check the list of Accredited Companies to look for the POS vendor or version.

If you can’t find what you are looking for or the version is different then check with the POS company itself.  PC-EFTPOS keeps the accredited list as up to date as possible but things change so it’s worth double checking.  PC-EFTPOS doesn’t require that each version of a POS a re-accredited so it’s likely that newer versions are also supported.

If the POS isn’t accredited then David or Andrew will be happy to make contact with them to discuss what is involved.

PC-EFTPOS make it easy for POS vendors to start developing with us.  All of our Development documentation is available on our website.  There is a PC-EFTPOS interface to suit all POS architectures, including cloud and browser based systems.

We also have a dedicated email address for developer support –

Featured POS Partner

PC-EFTPOS has accredited over 541 point of sale systems and we work closely with partners who are experts in providing business software solutions to clients.

This month we are excited to have a contribution from Les Bruzzaniti from Pronto Software.

Blurred lines: How to satisfy exacting consumer demands in-store

By Les Bruzzaniti, Retail and CRM Product Manager, Pronto Software

Over 92 per cent of retail trade

[1] in Australia is done in bricks and mortar stores – so what is your business doing to boost revenue in store?

I speak to retailers across Australia and one of the things I often ask them to consider is their use of technology, to win greater loyalty and sales when customers enter their stores.

With a growth rate of around 32 per cent per annum online shopping[2] is certainly something more Australian consumers are trying – and this is having an impact on what they expect when they visit a store.

So how do you deliver a personalised experience that matches the ease of point-and-click and compels your customers to visit your store and buy more? I think there are four points retailers need to get right.

Make fulfilment easier

Ultimately, retailers hope that every customer visit leads to a sale. What they experience here makes or breaks a purchase. Perhaps the most frustrating thing in retail is going to a store, struggling to find a sales person and then having to walk around the shop to find the cashier – only to then be stuck in a long queue, waiting to pay.

Successful retailers are completely changing typical in-store dynamics. Why do sales need to be bound to a counter?  Using flexible options, such as a mobile POS app available on an iPad or iPhone, a sales person can serve a customer and complete a purchase from anywhere across the store.

This also empowers the sales person to offer greater value. They can add customers to loyalty programs, see the sales history of specific customers – and with appropriate permissions, grant discounts and special offers. They can also process quick exchanges and refunds, all from any location in the store.

Set the scene for a memorable experience

With high rents, many retailers want to maximise their available space, but a large counter to house bulky POS machines can be cumbersome. Removing this barrier immediately creates fresh possibilities for store design. Valuable floor-space can now be devoted to more product displays. Research shows that customers appreciate a relaxed, open concept with the space and opportunity to look at and touch the product – or try it on, something you can’t do online!

With high staff turnover, retailers often need to hire staff quickly, especially in periods of higher demand. Training staff to use complex systems can escalate to a high cost – and skipping the training can result in errors and poor service. A POS application that is based on a familiar, highly intuitive interface requires virtually no training. A new sales person merely logs-in and they’re instantly able to make sales.

Knowledge seals the deal

When they visit a store, customers often want to know more about particular items, including details about availability. With a mobile POS, a sales person can instantly query stock lists, avoiding the need to return to a sales counter, or having to walk to a storage area to check. If it’s not available, they can even order it from another store.  All this saves valuable time and enables sales people to focus on what they do best – selling more products.

This also delivers an enhanced customer experience. No one is waiting for answers about stock and the sale can be finalised with integrated payment options on the move – with the receipt emailed to the customer for greater convenience.

Sell anytime, anywhere

Many retailers experience outages which have a devastating impact on retail trade and irrevocably damage your brand. A POS solution that works without power and connection to the internet ensures your business is always ready to serve customers.

Sometimes your shop can travel to the customer. Whether your business has pop-up stores or an on-the-road sales team, they should have access to the same information that an in-store sales person has. With the appropriate and best-of-breed sales app, they check stock levels, make sales and add customers – and everything can be synchronised once they’re back in the office, or somewhere with a mobile internet connection, in the case of a 4G device.

Remaining competitive in a world where online retail is making inroads means creating moments that customers remember. It also means making that experience something customers will want to return to, time and time again. Bricks and mortar stores must evolve to take advantage of innovative and powerful technology. I’d like you to think about how your business is investing in strengthening your most lucrative channel. In that answer lies your opportunity to increase loyalty and sales.

[1]‘NAB Online Retail Sales Index Monthly Report’, NAB, November 2017
[2]‘8501.0 – Retail Trade, Australia’, Australian Bureau of Statistics, October 2017

Read more

What’s new in payments

Productivity Commission Inquiry Report
Competition in the Australian Financial System

It’s been going on for a while, the Productivity Commission report was publicly released on 3 August.  The full report stretches to 686 pages while the Overview is an easier read at 58 pages.

The Inquiry focusses on competition in Australia’s financial system but we are going to highlight the recommendations that will most interest merchants.

Whilst PC-EFTPOS don’t deal directly with the arm of the banks that generates revenue from interchange fees, if adopted these recommendations would remove a lot of the fees that merchants are charged and make merchant service fees more transparent.

The Government’s response to the report is some time away however it is worth considering what these recommendations might mean if adopted.



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PC-EFTPOS July 2018 News


‘Australia’s leading provider of integrated EFTPOS solutions’

Welcome to the July edition of PC-EFTPOS news.

Our Head of Product, Andrew Shepherd, has recently joined us and has been coming up to speed on the varied and valued partnerships throughout the PC-EFTPOS landscape.

Andrew brings with him a wealth of product knowledge of the payment services industry having previously held roles at a number of companies within the Australian payments landscape.  Andrew’s currently focused on building out the product roadmap to help keep PC-EFTPOS at the forefront of integrated solutions in the market.

Andrew is a welcome addition to the business and we look forward to introducing him to many of you over the coming months.

We hope you enjoy this edition.

Interesting facts about PC-EFTPOS

Most of you will know that PC-EFTPOS is a privately owned Australian company, based on Sydney’s northern beaches.  And that the company was formed in 1998 to provide integrated EFTPOS and On-line Credit Verification (OCV) solutions for retailers who required more than just a stand-alone EFTPOS terminal.

Did you know:

  • PC-EFTPOS was jointly developed in Australia and New Zealand
  • There are over 185,000 PC-EFTPOS enabled EFTPOS terminals currently operating in Australia
  • Our software processes well over 1 billion EFTPOS and credit card transactions in Australia each year
  • The PC-EFTPOS solution is known as Nitro in New Zealand
  • PC-EFTPOS have accredited over 530 different POS applications
  • The oldest accredited POS on our list is by Melhawk Computing (now Magenta Retail) which was accredited in November 1999
  • There are currently 10 different bank PIN pad models that are PC-EFTPOS enabled

Software Releases

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Featured ETS Partner

PC-EFTPOS’s Extended Transaction Set (ETS) partner network allows merchants to offer non traditional transactions and functions via their POS application, such as gift card, iTunes, phone card recharge, buy now, pay later and pay with points transactions.

This month we are featuring Zip.

Zip is a digital payment provider that creates simple, fair and transparent payment and credit solutions for all Australians. Their products Zip Pay and Zip Money allow consumers to buy the things they love today and pay for them over time, interest free. They also offer Pocketbook, Australia’s favourite personal finance management app.

Over 700,000 consumers choose to pay with Zip online and instore at more than 10,000 retailers including Rebel Sport, Michael Hill, Spotlight Anaconda and Tigerair.

Retailers who offer Zip typically see 20% more browsers convert to buyers with order values elevated on average by 31%. Importantly transactions through Zip are protected from fraud and chargebacks.

With Zip, it’s win-win. Consumers love the freedom and flexibility they offer them to own now and repay with flexibility. Retail partners enjoy providing the best customer-experience at checkout.

If you would like to know more about how Zip is disrupting retail finance and payments and can help your business please get in touch

What are we up to

Just a reminder about PC-EFTPOS’s Help Desk hours.  Our Support team operate:

Monday to Friday                8:00am to 10:00pm
Saturday                             9:00am to 5:00pm
Sunday                               10:00am to 3:00pm

You can contact us on 02 9998 9800 or email

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PC-EFTPOS June 2018 News


‘Australia’s leading provider of integrated EFTPOS solutions’

Welcome to the June edition of PC-EFTPOS news.  Another busy month for us.  We’ve been meeting with our banking partners, merchant customers and extended transaction set providers.  Fair to say it’s an exciting time in payments.  As always, PC-EFTPOS will be front and centre, enabling merchants to accept payments from customers in the way they choose to transact.

We hope you enjoy this edition.

PC-EFTPOS Tipping Solution

Did you know that PC-EFTPOS software supports tipping?

The majority of banks PC-EFTPOS enabled PIN pads will provide tipping functionality, however PC-EFTPOS can provide you with a more feature rich tipping solution.

The PC-EFTPOS Tipping feature is an add on to the standard PC-EFTPOS EFT-Client subsystem that allows for tipping to be implemented as a pre-transaction function. The solution presents the tipping on the EFTPOS terminal using the PC-EFTPOS Slave Application. There are no PIN pad changes required for this feature to work. The POS will require changes to handle the tip amount that is returned for each sale, but there are no changes from the POS to start a sale with tip enabled unless the POS wishes to implement some customisation, that we can support.

Please contact us if you’d like more information on this solution.

Featured ETS Partner 

PC-EFTPOS’s Extended Transaction Set (ETS) partner network allows merchants to offer non traditional transactions and functions via their POS application, such as gift card, iTunes, phone card recharge, buy now, pay later and pay with points transactions.

This month we are featuring InComm.

​​InComm began in 1992 rather simply, in a garage with a single computer generating a single point-of-sale terminal integration. Since then, the company has grown to be the market leader in new payment technologies and solutions.

Innovation has been the foundation on which InComm has grown. With more than 246 domestic and international patents, their technology has helped form a new brand of commerce that includes gift cards, prepaid wireless products, reloadable debit cards, digital music downloads and various payment solutions.

InComm’s strong technology base has allowed InComm to grow from a single garage to an international company offering the industry’s largest prepaid product suite in just over two decades. Instead of a single computer, they have more than 500,000 points of distribution, more than 1,000 brand partners and 2,300 employees globally.

InComm is proud of the content partnerships they support in market and today offer gift cards in a number of categories.  Some of the feature brands being distributed today through InComm are Apple iTunes, Google Play, Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, Valve and many more across a wide variety of categories.  There is a gift card to suit every occasion.

If you would like to know more about InComm and how PC-EFTPOS can assist in implementing please get in touch.

What’s new in payments

Least-cost Routing of Debit Payments

Most debit cards issued in Australia allow for payment to be processed through one of three networks: eftpos, Debit Mastercard or Visa Debit.  And many of these cards allow for eftpos transactions and one of the other schemes.  These cards are called dual-network debit cards.

When one of these dual-network debit cards is inserted into a terminal the customer is able to select which network is used through account selection (CHQ, SAV or CR) however a contactless transaction can only be processed via the Visa or Mastercard networks.  Most terminals and dual-network debit cards now have contactless functionality for eftpos as well.

The RBA defines Least-cost Routing as:

“When a customer makes a contactless (‘tap-and-go’) payment with their dual-network debit card, the merchant may choose to send the transaction via the debit network that costs them the least to accept. This is least-cost routing (also known as merchant routing). If the merchant chooses not to route, the transaction will be sent via the default network which is programmed on the card, typically the Debit Mastercard or Visa Debit network.

If a merchant uses least-cost routing, it should not affect which deposit account the funds are paid from, and the three networks offer similar protections to the cardholder from fraud and disputed transactions. A customer can always select a particular debit network by inserting their card and selecting a network rather than tapping their card. And least-cost routing only applies to dual-network debit card transactions; it will not affect customers using credit cards.”

Most banks have indicated they intend to offer least-cost routing to their business customers with the solution to be delivered in late 2018 or early 2019.

What are we up to

PC-EFTPOS is coming to the city.  Our new office in Sydney’s CBD is located at Suite 1204, 109 Pitt Street, Sydney.  Our current head office in Narrabeen will remain.

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PC-EFTPOS May 2018 News


‘Australia’s leading provider of integrated EFTPOS solutions’

Welcome to the May edition of the PC-EFTPOS newsletter.  This month we have welcomed a couple of new members to the team.  We’ll introduce them next month and let you know what their roles will be.

We hope you enjoy this edition.

Pay at Table Solution

PC-EFTPOS’s Pay at Table functionality allows a restaurant or cafe to take a portable EFTPOS terminal with a built-in printer to a customers table where the operator can retrieve a tables order and optionally do the following:

  • Print the table receipt from the terminal
  • Split the payment and have each customer pay their portion (including a tip)
  • Pay the entire table amount

A key advantage of the PC-EFTPOS Pay at Table solution is that the POS is not locked while processing the EFTPOS sale.

There are minimal changes required to the POS system with PC-EFTPOS providing source code that the POS vendor can modify to suit their own requirements.

Please contact David or Andrew for more information.

Software Releases

To keep up to date with our software releases please use the following link:

Featured Partner 

Skyzer Payments Limited is a specialist in Integrated Eftpos and Payment solutions for Corporate Merchants in New Zealand.

We are the corporate sales division of Eftpos solutions distributor Skyzer Technologies, a market leader in the provision of Eftpos and Payment solutions in New Zealand since 2007 with over 37,000 terminals deployed throughout the country.

Skyzer Payments provides payment solutions with varying support options, tailored to suit our customers’ unique circumstances. Skyzer Payments work closely with Paymark and the acquiring bank to provide our clients with a total payment solutions package.

The cornerstone of Skyzer’s product range is Skyzer Nitro™, which is based on the dominant integrated solution in Australia, PC EFTPOS with over 185,000 lanes using their POS Resident software in Australia.


Reliable: Nitro offers layers of redundancy capabilities to help enable payments, even under the most difficult of circumstances ensuring your customers will always be able to pay.

National Support: Skyzer Payments provides a nationwide support network, which can be tailored to suit the demographics of your business.

Local: Point of presence for all our Payment Systems Support Services, including Technical Support Software Development & Repair Facilities.

Experience: Skyzer Payments is the first company in New Zealand to have a Paymark certified Mobility Solution and currently have over 35,000 terminals connected to the Paymark Network.

POS Integration – PC Eftpos: This allows customers, particularly those who have operations on both sides of the Tasman, to manage one Eftpos Integration for both their Australian and New Zealand operations.

Terminal Management System (TMS): Skyzer’s TMS facilitates the remote downloading of software to the terminal fleet, ensuring your terminals always meet the latest software compliance standards.

What are we up to

PC-EFTPOS would like to hear from you.  Would you like to do more with your point of sale?  Do you have an idea for a new product?  Do you want to be able to work with thousands of merchants?  Please get in touch with Andrew or David.  We’d love to discuss how we can work with you.

A quick update on David’s charity bike ride for Tour de Cure.  He completed the 1,100km and exceeded his personal fundraising target.  Total funds raised during the 2018 Tour de Cure Signature Tour currently sits at $2,656,796.72.

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PC-EFTPOS April News



‘Australia’s leading provider of integrated EFTPOS solutions’

Welcome to the April edition of the PC-EFTPOS newsletter.  It was great to see many of our partners and customers in Sydney at the International Convention Centre for Seamless 2018.  It’s an exciting time for the payments industry and we enjoyed hearing from speakers representing eftpos, Alipay, Amazon, BMW, MYOB and many others.

We hope you enjoy this edition.

Cloud Solution

PC-EFTPOS has a new Cloud solution that each of the Banks are developing their PC-EFTPOS enabled PIN pads to support. Whether a client will need to use our cloud or standard solution will depend on what hardware and operating system the are running in-store. Developing using our TCP/IP interface will provide them with both options.

The benefits include:

  • Support for any device type or Operating System
  • Support for Citrix, thin clients, mobile POS and hosted POS solutions (web, terminal services, cloud POS)
  • Easier set-up and configuration with no software to install or upgrade on their lanes
  • Ability to leverage existing POS integrations with PC-EFTPOS as it’s simply wrapping our standard interface

Software Release

To keep up to date with our software releases please use the following link:

What’s new in payments 

Alipay is gearing up in Australia and, as we heard from George Lawson at Seamless, some of the statistics about China’s most popular digital wallet are truly staggering:

  • 600 million active members
  • Now a more popular payment method than cash in China
  • Partners with over 250 overseas financial institutions
  • Supports the settlement of 27 currencies for Chinese travellers
  • Approx. 1.2m Chinese visitor arrivals in Australia in 2016
  • Approx. $9.2bn total spend by Chinese visitors in Australia in 2016
  • Est. 3.3m Chinese tourists visiting Australia by 2026
  • 9,000 active local merchants already use Alipay in Australia

PC-EFTPOS will enable Alipay as one of our ETS partners later this month.  Please contact us if you’d like more information.

 Featured ETS Partner

PC-EFTPOS’s Extended Transaction Set (ETS) partner network allows merchants to offer non traditional transactions and functions via their POS application, such as gift card, iTunes, phone card recharge, buy now, pay later and pay with points transactions.

This month we are featuring epay.

epay is Australia’s largest prepaid distributor, available in a strong retailer network of over 23,000 stores nation-wide. epay owns prepaid categories including Telco, Transport, Cash Products, Gifting, Gaming and energy services. epay also provides solutions for Retailers to accept Alternative payments from leading brands like Alipay and WeChat.

In operation since 2001, epay connects people with their favourite products and brands, enabling retailers to sell content including vouchers and gift cards from Vodafone, iTunes, Telstra, Optus, Microsoft, Sony, Adobe. Talk to epay to find out which products you can sell in your stores through their platform.

What are we up to

On 27 April David Limon will depart Mackay on a 1,100km ride north as part of the Tour de Cure Signature Tour.  The Tour stops in towns throughout tropical North Queensland and reaches Cape Tribulation before finishing in Cairns on 5 May.

Tour de Cure’s mission is to cure cancer.  And a goal to reach $60 million in fundraising for world-class cancer projects.  Since 2007, Tour de Cure has funded over 266 cancer projects and achieved 22 significant cancer breakthroughs.

David says “I will never be a cancer researcher, but I can raise awareness and money in support of those who are.”

If you would like to support Tour de Cure and David in his fundraising efforts please use the link below:


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PC-EFTPOS March News

‘Australia’s leading provider of integrated EFTPOS solutions’

Welcome to the first PC-EFTPOS newsletter of 2018.  Our aim is to provide information about PC-EFTPOS, how we add value to merchants, some of the initiatives we are working on and the companies that we partner with.

We hope you enjoy this first edition.

Having formed in 1998, PC-EFTPOS enters it’s 20th year of operation in 2018.  We currently have over 185,000 PC-EFTPOS enabled Bank terminals operating with PC-EFTPOS software in Australia.  And count companies such as The Woolworths Group, David Jones, JB Hi-Fi and Bunnings as valued, long-term customers.  That said, the same PC-EFTPOS software that supports these customers also powers integrated EFTPOS for a single terminal, high street retailer.

We continue to have great relationships with all of the major acquirers, giving retailers freedom and choice with regards to who they bank with.

2018 is likely to be a year of change for the payments industry and PC-EFTPOS will continue to enable card and non traditional payments for merchants.

Featured ETS Partner

PC-EFTPOS’s Extended Transaction Set (ETS) partner network allows merchants to offer non traditional transactions and functions via their POS application, such as gift card, iTunes, phone card recharge, buy now, pay later and pay with points transactions.

This month we are featuring Givex.

Givex offers omnichannel POS, gift card, loyalty and stored value ticketing solutions which drive sales for their clients, helps them better understand, reward and entice their customers and ultimately make better-informed business decisions.

With over 16 billion transactions worldwide and counting, their goal is to empower merchants with knowledge and know how by delivering high quality customer engagement solutions on time. Whether it’s 24/7 support or hassle-free upgrades, clients know that they can count on Givex to provide everything necessary for their success.

Read more

What’s new in payments

The New Payments Platform is a world-class platform for payments innovation which can turn the possibilities presented by new ideas into real progress for Australian consumers, businesses and institutions. It’s designed to support an economy that never sleeps, never tires and never slows.

Keep Reading

Where we will be

Andrew Sammons and David Limon will be attending Seamless Australasia in Sydney 13-14 March.  If you’d like to meet up with us please send us an email or give us a call.

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PC-EFTPOS software V4.8.1.0 released

Please click here to download the latest release of PC-EFTPOS software

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PC-EFTPOS software V4.7.4.6 released

Please click here to download the latest release of PC-EFTPOS software

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Latest Security Alert Information

Please click here to download the latest Visa Security Alert information on protecting your POS from cyber criminals

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PC-EFTPOS software V4.7.4.5 released

Please click here to download the latest release of PC-EFTPOS software

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PC-EFTPOS software V4.7.4.4 released

Please click here to download the latest release of PC-EFTPOS software

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PC-EFTPOS software V4.7.4.3 released

Please click here to download the latest release of PC-EFTPOS software

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PC-EFTPOS software V4.7.3.0 released

Please click here to download the latest release of PC-EFTPOS software

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