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What does INIT Required mean? How do I Initialise to the Bank?2018-08-29T14:30:49+00:00

INIT Required

This means the Pinpad needs to be Intialised to the Bank in order for it to process transactions.


To Intialise to the Bank you can:

  • Go through the PC-EFTPOS Client (The C located on the right-hand side of the Taskbar), then via the Control Panel and EFTPOS tab. There will be an option of Logon, if you select this option it will go through a process of initialising to the Bank.
  • Or you can simply attempt a transaction, which will automatically log the Pinpad on to the Bank.
What is Standalone and Integrated mode?2018-08-29T14:30:49+00:00
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What should I do when I have a Broken Pinpad i.e cracked screen?2016-09-12T01:49:48+00:00


If you suspect that your pinpad is broken i.e cracked screen, please contact us at PCEFTPOS. We will then determine what the fault is with the Pinpad. It could be a minor problem that our support team could fix over the phone. However, if the problem is major we will organise it to be repaired or replaced, depending on the Warranty the Pinpad is under.

What should I do if my Pinpad says it is Offline?2016-09-12T01:50:32+00:00


The possible causes could be a lack of power or it is attached to the wrong com port. There is something set up incorrectly in the PC Bios affecting the PINpad. The PINpad is damaged. Check the power and the com ports. Try restarting the PC. See if the PINpad is damaged by looking at the screen. Recheck the power and com ports. This is a common error that is simple to fix. If the com port is not responding the machine may have to be rebooted to “free” the com port.